One day a student came in to see a coordinator about a poor mark on an assignment. She was in tears and quite upset. The coordinator went into ‘mother mode’ and took her into a quiet space, reassured her that all things would turn out well. The things a mother would say and do. Her parting words to the students was, “There are days in every woman’s life that she needs M&M’s” and shared some with her.

A week or so later, the coordinator returned to her office after a lunch break to see a large bag of
M&M’s on her chair and received an email. “You really are a gem! I’m sure the FON recognizes that! I remember the day when I came to you crying because I was down and I was thinking about quitting. You were there for me and you just blessed my day and kept me going. Truly, I will never forget the impact you had on my journey and my nursing career.

Excerpt from Our Best Kept Secret Uncovering the Strength of Caring by Faculty Learning Community