In music, the singer combines different musical notes to express their feelings. In caring, different
attitudes and behaviours of persons tell you about their value of showing care for others. As an
international non-sponsored graduate student, I face many hurdles. When I first came to this Faculty, I was totally anxious and worried because of some financial issues. But when I talk to the Associate Dean, Graduate Studies, she gave me a candle of hope.

Her helpful and motivational attitude gave me courage and decreased some of my stress. Now I feel that I am not alone and I have the family of University of Alberta caring for me.
The caring attitude of faculty can change the lives of students. Students can easily smell a sense of a caring from their professors. All the professors who have taught me have shown me the depth of compassion. Their willingness to be there in my difficult times gives me courage. I am really honored to be a part of this privileged caring hub of nursing.

MACN Student

Excerpt from Our Best Kept Secret Uncovering the Strength of Caring by Faculty Learning Community