In the third year of our undergraduate program, we met an inspiring professor. She was very caring, took us under her wing, and encouraged us in the direction of research. Over the years, she has written numerous reference letters for us, and with her assistance, we were able to successfully apply for a Millennium Scholarship and a CIHR award. When she learned about the scholarship for the MN program, she encouraged us to apply. She met with us for coffee so we could ask her questions about the program, and she even came prepared with a list of possible advisors for each of us. When we began to feel the pressures of the undergraduate-to- graduate level learning curve, she offered encouragement, reminded us of our strengths, and shared her own stories from graduate school. We have always felt that she has acted selflessly, with our best interests at heart, and that she simply finds joy in watching us grow and advance our learning. She is a true testament to what nursing mentorship is about.

Excerpt from Our Best Kept Secret Uncovering the Strength of Caring by Faculty Learning Community